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Welcome to my English portfolio









     My name is Robinson Santos Velázquez. I was born on January 15, 1999 in the town of Humacao, Puerto Rico. My name was recommended by my grandmother because she saw it in a ball game and she liked it. I am the eldest of three brothers and I have two stepsisters, one of them is older than me and the other is my age and is called. My mother's name is Débora Velázquez Rivera, my father's name is Roberto Santos and I have a stepfather named Luis Placeres. The first years of my life I lived in the town of Las Piedras then we moved to the town of Humacao.


     I did my intermediate studies at S.U. Fermín Delgado Díaz in the town of Naguabo. After this, he went to the Ramón Power and Giralt High School, where he studied the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. At present I am studying my first year of university as a student of marine biology at the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao.

            I have several skills and / or abilities. I consider myself good in the sport of "ping pong" and volleyball. I am very good at listening to others and I like solving problems. Academically, I have math skills, in English, in accounting and in science.


         In my goals I have several goals in the short and long term. In my short-term goals, I hope to graduate from high school with good grades and go to medical school. I also want to be a great doctor, have my own house, a luxurious car among other things. Last but not least I want to have a big family in Puerto Rico or outside.


I believe in God.



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